We live in a litigious environment. Today, businesses require the highest level of protection to maintain their operations, given the unpredictability of catastrophic loss. Securing appropriate insurance protection provides peace of mind – and protects the bottom line.

Umbrella, or higher limit liability claims, can result from many unforeseen sources. Risks include general liability, advertising and personal injury, automobile liability, owned and non-owned watercraft and aircraft exposures, and employers liability to name a few.

Commercial umbrella coverage provides protection against catastrophic loss by sitting on top of several coverage forms, providing additional limits under one form and minimizing the chance for coverage gaps or omissions.

  • Broad “true” umbrella coverage form
  • No self-insured retention requirement
  • Worldwide coverage capability
  • Coverage included for defense costs, attorney fees associated with lawsuits
  • Optional limits up to $20 million
  • Coverages tailored to conform with underlying OneBeacon policies
  • Lead umbrella and excess coverage layers
  • Ability to schedule underlying coverage such as aircraft, foreign and employers liability

Our umbrella coverage is available and tailored to the following industries:

  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical technology
  • Hardware computer manufacturing
  • Software engineering
  • Small to very large technology industry customer base range
  • Competitive premium per layer pricing