Technology is global. As businesses expand, growth opportunities are often overseas with technology companies leading the way. In fact, most of the technology companies we insure have international exposure – whether overseas travel and sales to international subsidiaries, location or operations. 

Today, our capabilities extend to 78 countries through our international network providing primary, admitted coverage as needed to comply with country-specific regulatory requirements. When combined with coverage that extends and expands the domestic policy to apply outside the U.S., we can customize a comprehensive approach to reduce coverage gaps, patchwork solutions and unnecessary overlap. Together with local policies a tailored insurance program covers your company’s international exposures.

Looking ahead, we are transitioning to a master-controlled international network. Our global solution will include U.S. issued international extensions to domestic coverages and local admitted policies under one comprehensive program.

Our global solutions for U.S. policyholders include worldwide coverage that extends the benefits of U.S. domestic coverage to foreign locations:

  • Property including business income/contingent business income and crime
  • Premises and product liability
  • Contingent automobile liability coverage including hired car physical damage
  • Foreign voluntary workers compensation and contingent employer’s liability
  • Kidnap and ransom including a bundled endorsement suite of six coverages
  • Business travel accident – 24-hour protection
  • International Human Resources coverage and assistance – medical, personal and travel assistance services such as:
    • emergency medical evacuation to appropriate care facilities
    • aid with hospital admissions
    • embassy and consular information
    • emergency cash advances
    • translation services
    • return of vehicles
    • return of family members
    • access to legal assistance and more.

Our appetite for international exposures matches what we do on a domestic basis and includes but is not limited to the following industry segments:

  • hardware manufacturers
  • software developers including SAAS
  • integrators
  • test and measurement equipment manufacturers
  • instrument manufacturers
  • life sciences
  • pharmaceuticals (excluding products)
  • telecommunications equipment and services
  • medical and diagnostic device manufacturers
  • solar and wind equipment manufacturers

In addition, we can provide clinical trial coverage on local admitted paper.