Through Information Technology Solutions™ – Complete (ITS) we offer the convenience of errors or omissions, communications liability and cyber coverages on the same form, along with targeted resources delivered by expert third-party vendors. ITS is tailored to address today’s ever-changing cybersecurity and communication liability exposures. Through our menu-driven approach, you can customize your solution from a broad array of first- and third-party coverages with a common set of definitions, conditions and exclusions.

Third-party coverages for damages and defense expenses include:
  • Errors or omissions
    • Enterprise-wide coverage
    • Automatic additional insured where required by written contract
    • Automatic coverage for newly acquired entities
    • Pure claims-made coverage
    • Cost of contract coverage
    • Automatic coverage for individual contracted workers
    • Delay coverage by endorsement
    • Unauthorized access by endorsement
  • Information risk liability
  • Communication liability
  • Privacy administrative proceeding, fines and consumer redress liability
First-party coverages for cyber-related events include:
  • Breach consultation services
  • Incident management expense
  • Information restoration expense
  • Hardware replacement expense
  • Extortion payments and rewards
  • Forensic expense
  • Information technology
  • Electronics/hardware manufacturers
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical technology and life sciences
  • Media companies and content providers
  • Consultation regarding state and federal notification requirements
  • Forensic analysis
  • Credit monitoring and call center services to affected individuals
  • Identity restoration management for affected individuals
  • Media management, including public relations services and preparation of news releases
  • A toll-free telephone line for questions about the data breach
  • Fraud alerts placed on the credit files of affected individuals
  • DDOS vendor resources