How Insurance Drives Economic Growth

By I.I.I.'s Dr. Steven Weisbart, CLU

June 11, 2018

Executive Summary

When asked what insurance does, most people are likely to say that it provides protection against financial aspects of a premature death, injury, loss of property, loss of earning power, legal liability or other unexpected expenses. All that is true.

However, the industry’s contribution to the economy goes much further. One could point to the millions of people employed in insurance and related activities, to the billions of income taxes and premium taxes paid and to extensive charitable works. But, significant as they are, these are byproducts of the contributions of an industry that is at the heart of the growth and progress of every modern economy. Those contributions can be grouped under three broad categories: safety/ security; economic/financial stability; and development. Under these headings, this paper describes 10 ways in which insurers and reinsurers drive economic growth.