Automobile is an essential coverage for technology companies. It is also a major source of claims activity. Incidents range from small fender-benders to severe accidents including bodily injury and fatalities. The monetary impact can exceed the auto liability limits and go into the umbrella. These multi-million dollar losses represent an exposure that cannot be overlooked.

We offer tailored auto liability and physical damage insurance and services for your vehicles. These include standardized and expanded coverages within our auto coverage form designed specifically for technology companies. The standard coverages include auto liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and auto physical damage (comprehensive and collision coverages).

But not all coverage forms are the same. Our offering goes beyond the standardized coverage with an endorsement that includes a schedule of 21 coverage extensions.

  • Additional insured by contract
  • Airbag discharge
  • Glass repair – waiver of deductible
  • Auto theft reward
  • Hired auto physical damage coverage
  • Blanket waiver of subrogation
  • Lease gap coverage
  • Bodily injury redefined – mental anguish
  • Newly formed or acquired organizations
  • Broad form named insured
  • Communications equipment
  • Physical damage – transportation expenses
  • Diminution in value
  • Supplementary expenses extension
  • Rental reimbursement – private passenger autos
  • Drive other car – executive officers
  • Notice of suit or loss
  • Employees as insureds
  • Fellow employee exclusion amended
  • Employee hired autos
  • Towing – any covered auto

Our considerable automobile experience is specific to the technology segment. Our broad customer base includes:

  • Telecommunications companies with large fleets of service trucks and vans used for service, repairs and installations.
  • Large electronic wholesalers with fleets of delivery vehicles.
  • Software companies with significant non-owned and hired autos used by salespeople and consultants who are constantly on the road.

This knowledge means our insureds and producers are benefiting from tried and true underwriting expertise, expanded coverage terms, pre- and post-accident risk control and claims services, all designed to mitigate the total costs of risk and protect the corporate assets.

Safety Tip

Distracted Driving

These days, you have to wonder if anyone behind the wheel is actually watching the road, let alone maintaining a safe distance, looking several car lengths ahead, and in general, driving defensively. Examples of distracted driving are all around us when we drive for business and personal reasons. When distracted, even momentarily, it is difficult for the driver to practice the fundamentals of driving defensively.