Workers Compensation

New OSHA Requirements on Electronic Submittal

List of entities with 25-249 employees affected by the January 1, 2017 OSHA reporting requirements for recording and electronically submitting work-related injury and illness records.


Distracted Driving

These days, you have to wonder if anyone behind the wheel is actually watching the road, let alone maintaining a safe distance, looking several car lengths ahead, and in general, driving defensively. Examples of distracted driving are all around us when we drive for business and personal reasons. When distracted, even momentarily, it is difficult for the driver to practice the fundamentals of driving defensively.

Safety Tips

Winter Weather Tips for Walkways and Parking Lots

Each year, pedestrians slip and fall on walkways or parking lots on ice and snow. If management fails to maintain sidewalks or parking lots, then claims are likely to follow. In general, walkways and parking lots are expected to be maintained in a reasonably safe condition (e.g., in good repair or free of snow, ice, and other materials). This checklist offers risk control issues to consider when inspecting existing sidewalks and parking lots for liability concerns.