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Safety Tips

When Ransomware Attacks Healthcare

WannaCry Exposes Medical Device Vulnerabilities

Workers Compensation

New OSHA Requirements on Electronic Submittal

List of entities with 25-249 employees affected by the January 1, 2017 OSHA reporting requirements for recording and electronically submitting work-related injury and illness records.

Safety Tips

Maximize The Service Life Of Your Electrical Distribution System

OneBeacon Technology & Hartford Steam Boiler offer suggestions and insights to help you achieve reliable and uninterrupted service of your electrical distribution system.


Preventive Maintenance For Your Air Conditioning

Every year The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. (HSB) investigates numerous air conditioning (A/C) unit failures. The primary reason for the majority of these failures is poor preventive maintenance prior to start up.

Safety Tips

Maintenance and Water Treatment for Your Process Boiler

Every year Hartford Steam Boiler investigates numerous boiler failures. The principal causes of boiler failures are overheating due to low-water level, scale deposits on the waterside surfaces, and corrosion. The main reasons for these failures are poor or non-existent water treatment and little or no preventive maintenance.