Remember when telecommunications was defined as landline phones? Today telecommunications has expanded to include smart technologies that organize and touch all aspects of our lives. Whether it’s the soccer practice appointment on your smartphone, or your favorite show that you missed last night and downloaded on your tablet, telecommunications is at the epicenter of our daily lives.

Telecommunications is transmission of information over vast distance, at increasing speeds and clarity through wireless, microwave, fiber optics, internet and more. It’s your voice, your image, your financials and your personal life and health. Telecommunications plays a significant role in cultural and social relationships today and operates as a $3.7 trillion industry.

The internet now touches over 74% of Americans and 22% of the world. And wireless, with its many facets, is clearly the direction of this industry.

  • Property
  • General liability
  • Auto
  • Commercial umbrella
  • Workers compensation
  • International
  • Errors or omissions insurance
  • Data privacy (cyber) and network coverage
  • Communications liability
  • Media liability

OneBeacon’s experts share their insights through ongoing publications. Review the following white papers and insights for additional information on these subjects:


Wireless Mesh Networking

Everyone is familiar with wireless or Wi-Fi networks. We use them at home, at work or at the local coffee shop to surf the internet, access web services, generate emails, manage data, and conduct VoIP-based voice and video calls and so on. Wi-Fi even allows us to use our mobile phones to make calls and save our precious cellular minutes. What can further improve this experience? The answer lies in the next evolution of Wi-Fi, which is referred to as “mesh networking.”


Wireless Encryption

In this paper, we focus on wireless security and encryption systems used to protect data during wireless communications. Primary wireless communication systems include cell/mobile, WiFi, Bluetooth and radio.


Near Field Communication - A New Way to Communicate

The revolution is here!  No, not the TV series; the smartphone revolution. This whitepaper provides an overview of NFC, in particular as it relates to smartphones, standards, usage/applications, security issues, obstacles to market and consumer expectations.



The need for secrets and privacy is ever-present in today’s digital environment. To facilitate these protections, a wide variety of encryption and cryptographic systems are in use.


Data Privacy

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is so prevalent in our everyday lives that it is difficult not to somehow expose this information to the scrutiny of companies, organizations, or other individuals. Whether it’s making a cell phone call, logging on to the internet, using an ATM or even throwing an old credit card bill into the garbage, there are a myriad of ways in which data can be exposed.


Help is on the way - Enhanced 911

The ability to access 911 emergency services, regardless of the technology used to place the call, is an essential component of public safety in the United States. Identifying the caller’s accurate location is also critical, especially in cases of a fire, break-in, kidnapping and other events where the caller cannot verbally communicate their location.