Data security breaches make headlines daily. Under OneBeacon Technology’s Data Privacy Protection and Information Technology Solutions™ coverage, insureds with a covered loss are encouraged to address their immediate concerns by submitting the claim to us through our Data Breach Hotline: 877.512.3737

A designated OneBeacon® claims professional will verify coverage and contact our vendor partners on behalf of the insured. Our claims professionals and our vendor partners will also work directly with our insured to assist with handling the breach, providing required notification to affected individuals, and helping implement fraud countermeasures.

When a breach happens, timeliness is critical. Regulatory notification requirements mean you are immediately on the clock to notify affected parties when a breach happens. 

Remember to rely on us to identify the appropriate vendor partners to support your response plan. We can help you quickly manage this process through our specialty network including a breach-handling coach or attorney for privileged information.

A OneBeacon claims professional will follow up with our policyholder to address data privacy liability claims that may have resulted from the data breach.